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Your easy to follow specialist Land Training Swim Homework is now available on our Swim Revolution App at only £39 per month

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What's it all about?

Our Swim Homework monthly program is designed for competitive swimmers  of any age and who swim any stroke - who are looking for swim specialist land training support that can boost performance in the pool. Swimmers are special! To reach your potential in the pool you need to be working in the right way on land as well as in the water! If you swim Breaststroke - the Swim Homework includes some additional material specific to your stroke. 


We have carefully designed this programme to be done 2-3 times a week. You can do it as well as your usual gym work or instead of it. You don’t need any special equipment apart from a kettlebell and foam roller. We give you an intro video to explain how to use the programme.


We will take you through each aspect of the Land Training material, which focuses on building super core strength integrated with shoulder and hip stability. This will help you improve your swimmers’ physical literacy and mind-body connection.

There are 3 sections to your Homework programme 
* SwimCore 
* Kettlebells
* Release

Your monthly programme includes some new moves to try and some developmental progressions of others.

Each month you will receive notes detailing the movements and timings. You will receive demo videos for all the moves. Watch them carefully, some of it will be familiar but some of it will be new to you. This work is not easy and takes a while for the body to adapt and strengthen.


We suggest only doing the whole thing in a single session a maximum of twice a week to begin with. Feel free to pull out individual exercises to really focus on and spend some time getting the technique right (eg: pre or post pool). If you go steadily, with care, you will start to experience the effects of your core and shoulders getting stronger pretty quickly.


We hope you enjoy the challenges of Swim Homework and begin to develop an insight into what can be accomplished with dedicated focus on what happens on land as well as at the pool!

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