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Swim coaches tell us that they need gym work that directly relates to what they’re doing in the pool – including stroke specific exercise. But no standard model of land training is going to do that. Our work is different because swimming is special! It needs a specialised strength and conditioning focus. Do you want to start taking the right steps towards achieving more efficient strokes, bulletproof shoulders and hips and, crucially, more power and speed?

Swim coaches, imagine what your swimmers could achieve if you really got their land training right and they could race to their full potential!
If you are a swim coach who wants to transform their land training read on…


Imagine what your swimmers could achieve if you really got their land training right and they could race to their full potential. You know there is something out there that could be working better…

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How do you find time to work on land training when you're busy focussing on swimming?

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How do you know what will make them strong without making them fatigued?



Why do my swimmers keep getting injured? Are we missing something?

Our 28 day Deep Dive programme is an introduction to our unique land training approach. It is suitable for all coaches of competitive swimmers (psst...if you're a swimmer looking for an individual programme look at Swim Homework). 


Through guided tutorials, coaching videos and weekly mentor meetings you will develop your understanding of:


Learn how to activate the core in the right way and work efficiently to build swim-specific strong foundations.


Understand how to work effectively to increase mobility where swimmers need it and use foam rollers, balls, bands etc to unlock restrictions.


Find out the best ways to prepare and recover before and after training with our activation and unique regeneration work.

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We have an opportunity for a small group of swim coaches, from anywhere in the world, who are getting frustrated with missed dryside opportunities and injured swimmers - are curious about doing things differently - and ready to take the initiative to work smartly and transform performance.

On the 6th of November, this group will start working closely with Paris to achieve their land training revolution and increase speed and power in the water. You have until then to confirm your attendance and after this we will close bookings for now. 



Our unique approach to core integration including swim specific movement and supersets


Floor-based movement finding and challenging integrated patterns to support swimming 


Our specialised kettlebell sets are a gamechanger translated into fluidity and strength in the pool


Key release and stretch repetoire including use of foam rollers, balls and bands. 

As well as;

  • Weekly mentor meetings with Paris

  • Comprehensive coaching notes

  • Ongoing Whatsapp support


You can drop us a line to let us know you are interested using our contact form

How do we know it works? We have worked with elite swimmers for over 10 years, including champs Rüta Meilutytė, Ben Proud and Laura Stephens. We have crafted an approach to land training that really works. We support swimmers to work in the gym to complement their work in the pool: avoiding injury and getting results on the podium. It’s based on years of learning and developing to achieve success. It’s tried and tested, cuts through the chaff and focuses on what really makes a difference to swimmers when they’re back in the pool.

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 Get in touch now with your questions. 

Or you can complete our form to register your interest and book a zoom chat with Paris to discuss your particular circumstance here

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