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You want the best from your land training so you can take your swimming performance to the next level.  Getting it right in the gym really can make the difference between a good performance and your best performance. But no standard model of land training is going to do that. Our work is different because swimming is special! It needs a specialised strength and conditioning focus. Do you want to start taking the right steps towards achieving more efficient strokes, bulletproof shoulders and hips and, crucially, more power and speed?

We have developed a strong reputation as experts in land-training for swimmers. 

Our main focus and approach is in unlocking swim performance gains using a unique system which nutures fluidity of movement whilst strengthening the swim-specific kinetic chain components required by swimmers of all strokes, distances and ages. We also support you with nutritional and mindset strategies. 

Find out about our Swim Homework for individual swimmers, our Deep Dive Programme for Swim Coaches and Clubs and our Special Land Training GOLD & SILVER monthly club Land Training Programmes all availble on our Swim Revolution App. 

Paris is a Physio and Strength and Conditioning Coach who has been working with elite athletes and world class swimmers for over 25 years.  His early career as a contemporary dancer and movement coach saw him working both in the UK and overseas. 








Successful swimmers who have trained with Paris include international stars such as Ben Proud, Rüta Meilutytė, Laura Stephens, Adam Chillingworth, Srihari Naturaj and many others at junior and senior level. 



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