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Lifting Kettlebells

Hi I'm Paris

I am a Physiotherapist, Strength Coach and Functional Movement Coach. I draw a great deal upon my prior experience of movement techniques such as Feldenkrais, Pilates, Alexander and others, which formed a core part of my training as a professional contemporary dancer. I have more than 30 years of experience with human bodies, movement concepts, professional dance and sport, performance and injury. 

I work with elite athletes including many competitive swimmers. My experience in premiership rugby, with the MoD and with dancers, runners, cyclists and others means I have developed exceptional return to play success through my rehab and prehab approaches.

I chose to come and live in the beautiful South West of England to enjoy the incredible coast and Dartmoor. I'm a parent of 3 kids and enjoy spending my weekends outdoors or karting with my son. 

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Have you ever wondered why athletes such as tennis pros, premiership footballers and rugby players seem to recover so quickly from injury? 

And why some of us seem to take so long to recover, making slow or even no progress despite all the usual interventions such as taping, ultrasound or ‘off the shelf’ rehab plans? 

Have you seen numerous other practitioners already but your problem hasn’t gone away? 

Do you love to move?

At Physio Conditioning we:

1) treat your injuries and get you out of pain fast 

2) find out why your injury happened through our kinetic screen - BodyScan or SwimScan 

3) show you how to address your issues with a fix-it plan 

4) coach you through one to one training to build strength and resilience 

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Make your change

If you want to be pro-active and get injury free, move better and improve your mobility, stability and strength get in touch. Our sports physio approach and positive movement strategies really can change your life! We work with all kinds of people. You don't need to be a swimmer or an athlete to come and work with us. Anyone who wants to take control of their physicality, stop their niggles and stay injury free is welcome!

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