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Injured knee tapen by physio


Effective, rapid treatment – stuff that really works. Getting it right for you, not off-the- shelf. We test and re-test and see if we have made a difference immediately. No smoke and mirrors. No one size fits all or extended block bookings for treatment required.


After initial treatment we guide you how to  make a difference to your recovery through a proactive exercise approach – We expect you to take an active role in your recovery! We give you clear goals and progressions. No ‘give it a few weeks and we will see...’.  We do manual therapy but it is not treatment-couch based. Treatment and release is delivered on a padded floor and you will be shown how you can continue this through self-management at home. 

Below is a guide to some of the services we offer here at Physio Conditioning. With professional training, experience and accreditation in a wide range of techniques and approaches, we treat you using some of the most advanced techniques in the world. Our focus is on supporting YOU to take an active role in your recovery and your ongoing maintenance so do expect to be moving in our gym space as well as receiving 'treatment'. We are specialists in sports physio and we bring our proactive approach to diagnosis and recovery to all our clients. 

·       Active Release Technique

·       Kinesiology Taping

·       Functional Exercise Correction

·       Y Balance Test


·       Muscle Strength Test

Man leaning back on exercise ball holding weights
physio hands on leg

Physio consultation

image of skeleton like vetruvian man


Female swinging kettlebell


All sessions are 1 hour

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