We continue to follow Government and sector advice on physiotherapy treatment and appointments. Our working practice ensures high standards of cleanliness and appropriate distancing measures to keep risk of COVID to a minimum.

We are currently offering physiotherapy  treatment and assessment, rehabilitation and movement coaching sessions in a COVID sensitive environment.

Please do get in touch if you have an enquiry related to our programmes.

Why Physio Conditioning?

In 2008, working as a Head Physio in Premiership Rugby, Paris started successfully combining the best of a ‘physio’ approach and a ‘strength and conditioning’ approach to managing injury and improving athletic performance. Since then we have developed this into a systematic method bringing together the best of both worlds under the umbrella title of PhysioConditioning. From fundamental movement coaching right up to Olympic athletes rippling with muscle, we work across the full spectrum to meet our clients’ needs with our unique service.   Click here to find out more about our approach.


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