Our system of correcting dysfunctional movement through re-training kinetic pathways is the gateway to long-lasting injury-free function.

BUT if you’re in pain, you can’t move well until the pain lets you.

If you attend our clinic and you’re in pain, our first step has to be in treating this to reduce or remove it. Only then can we begin to correct the fault that caused the problem in the first place. Let’s face it, nobody wants a lecture on brushing your teeth when you’ve got a throbbing toothache, right?

We utilise all kinds of manual techniques, acupuncture, Kinesio taping, manipulations and a few other special tricks to get rid of that pain.

Once we find what works, we can train you to do a home version that will help you take control and keep the pain away.

Once you have achieved that, you can come back and get our BodyScan and find out what led to your issue in the first place.

Ready to start training smarter, not harder?

Introducing our online BodyScan. The missing piece that will help you unlock all of your training and fitness goals.