Injury & Rehabilitation

We offer physiotherapy for niggles and ongoing injuries. We are specialists in sports and dance injury management. With our experience with Olympic and Commonwealth athletes and with professional dancers we draw on a wealth of movement knowledge. We know that many people have already been to see other practitioners before they find us and many are exhausted and even resigned to living with their pain long term. We are different because we don’t focus on your pain, we focus on what’s causing your pain. Our aim is to get you moving well so you stay injury free. 

Our system of correcting dysfunctional movement through re-training kinetic pathways is the gateway to long-lasting injury-free function.

BUT if you’re in pain, you can’t move well until the pain lets you.

If you attend our clinic and you’re in pain, our first step has to be in treating this to reduce or remove it. Only then can we begin to correct the fault that caused the problem in the first place. Let’s face it, nobody wants a lecture on brushing your teeth when you’ve got a throbbing toothache, right?

We utilise all kinds of manual techniques, acupuncture, Kinesio taping, manipulations and a few other special tricks to get rid of that pain.

Once we find what works, we can train you to do a home version that will help you take control and keep the pain away. Our physio slots cost £60ph or £50 for students or under 18s. Book vis our contact form or email us: or phone/whatsapp 07548 316318

Once you have achieved that, you can come back and get our BodyScan and find out what led to your issue in the first place.(

We have now introduced a Flash Clinic for rapid 30 minute assessment that will give you a quick insight into your problem – so if you need answers fast book in now online or contact us to arrange.

We meet lots of people who have been waiting to see a physio on the NHS. They are often frustrated and worried that their injury is getting worse while they wait. 

To respond to this we have started a NEW** rapid assessment service that means you can book in for a 30 minute appointment to get fast, accurate feedback about your problem without waiting for weeks or breaking the bank. 

If you need further treatment or rehab work we can arrange that with you as well as advise you on things you can be doing at home to help.

You can book your 30 minute appointment online or contact us via our contact form or phone/whatsapp 07548 316 318 

Ready to start training smarter, not harder?

Introducing our online BodyScan. The missing piece that will help you unlock all of your training and fitness goals.