With over a decade of successfully producing elite level athletes, in 2021, as a response to Covid lockdown – we launched our Daily Dose work from home program. Since then, working with feedback from our online clients, we have used our extensive knowledge of what really works and honed it to specifically fit the needs of those who want support in achieving their Body Composition and Fitness goals.

Why work at home?

After challenging recent years and a long period away from our usual activities, many of us are looking to reconnect with our health and fitness in our home environments. Maybe going to a busy gym just doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. Our Daily Dose online training sessions will support you to get serious about moving again, establish realistic goals and gain strength and confidence – all happening at a time and place that suits you.

Your programme 

Our online Daily Dose is a training programme suitable for people from all walks of life and experiences. We have trained runners, sailors, swimmers, dancers, and gymnasts as well as military personnel, professional sportspeople, and Olympic athletes BUT you don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from our programmes. Our exercise and movement sessions are for anyone looking for a safe, inspiring, and effective way to get fitter, move better, and stay motivated.

What's in the programme?

Nutritional Homework

Prior to starting the program, you will need to do some homework and watch a few short videos. ALL successful training programs have their roots in a correctly designed nutritional structure. Without this, you are doomed to failure no matter how hard you work. The videos and our info document will educate and enlighten you regarding the science basis of how to optimise your nutrition to achieve success.

Daily Dose

A short (20min) daily session of core, mobility and HIIT designed to develop good foundations of mobility, core stability, baseline fitness and improve metabolic rate. You will be sent written notes and a follow along program on video. This should be done every day – as the name suggests!

Big Hit

This is an additional session (25 mins) that should be done twice weekly. This session will boost your fitness and metabolic gains to a higher level and really get things moving forward.

Move of the Month

This will be a physical move that will require full body integration and will show you how well your movement is progressing. Each month, before your Zoom catchup, you will send us a few seconds video of you doing the move and we will give you specific feedback

Zoom Catchup

Towards the end of each month you will have a 20 min Zoom catchup to review the months work, fix any issues arising and confirm forward direction.


How do I know if it’s right for me?

You have an initial free 20 min no-obligation Zoom consultation to chat through your needs and to determine if  the program is right for you. This is totally free and you can decide following the chat if you would like to sign up.


Then what?

If you decide to embark on the program we will get you to complete a basic movement check screen. You will need to film yourself completing a few movements and send us the video. This is to check that your body moves okay, or show us where any restrictions are.

This is a really important part of the process and will allow us to tailor your program to your specific needs and help you fix any movement issues you may have. This is a crucial step that you will find missing from most programs but decades of working with athletes has taught us how important this step is – to avoid injury and improve your movement. 

What if it doesn’t suit me?

The initial ‘Adaptation Phase’ will happen during the first month of the program. At the end of that month, if it is right for you, you will have already begun to feel better, look better and move better and we are confident you will want to continue on the program. But, you can withdraw at any time, whenever you want. You pay in advance for one month at a time and you can leave whenever you want.


Ready to start training smarter, not harder?

Introducing our online BodyScan. The missing piece that will help you unlock all of your training and fitness goals.