Personal Training

Main Programme

With recent events and circumstances outside of our control, many are looking to reconnect with their health and fitness. Our personal training sessions will support you to get serious about moving again, establish realistic goals and gain strength and confidence.

All 1:1 programmes include elements of our BodyScan movement screening in order to identify areas of restriction or dysfunction which may inhibit progress or be implicated in injury. We call this ‘Weak Point Identification’. Following on, your programme incorporates your corrective strategies to address these issues as it moves you through your athletic development appropriate to your goals.

Our unique approach allows us to continually re/assess your movement form and functionality. This ensures that your development re-establishes a natural balance in your body: removing restrictions and weaknesses that can cause pain whilst achieving better fitness and improved athletic gains. This crucial step is critical to our sytematic approach and is what makes our product stand apart. By bringing many years of experience of working with professional athletes and getting them to focus on movement quality rather than just sets and reps, we are able to unlock your true physical potential and avoid the pitfalls of those following ‘off the shelf’ packages.

Our personal training sessions are suitable for people from all walks of life and experiences. We have trained runners, sailors, swimmers, dancers, and gymnasts as well as military personnel, professional sportspeople, and Olympic athletes. BUT you don’t have to be a professional athlete to train with us – our personal training and movement coaching sessions are for anyone looking for a safe, inspiring, and effective way to get fitter, move better, and stay injury-free.

You can book personal training sessions for yourself, as a gift or share your session with a partner or friend with no additional charge. A good way to access a high level of coaching input for less cost. (Maximum of 2).

Due to COVID restrictions we have temporarily adapted our process so that we can make our BodyScan movement assessments at a safe distance.



“Our 6-week course was absolutely brilliant. The sessions are really targeted and have resulted in a significant improvement. We really liked Paris’ approach and would highly recommend it!”

Maggie and Jon Cameron

Junior Athlete Development Programme

Many people are cautious regarding the athletic training of younger athletes, and rightly so. The immature musculoskeletal system requires a specific awareness of appropriate and safe exercises that will stimulate and strengthen a young body without exposing it to inappropriate stresses and strains.

Kramer and Fleck (2005) state in their book Strength Training for Young Athletes (2nd Edn.), As we learn more about strength training for children, the benefits appear to increase every year.

My Junior Athlete Development programmes focus on building excellent foundations of trunk stability and strength and progress into the integration of limb strength and power to produce a mobile, stable and strong junior athlete who can demonstrate an excellent all-round basic functional ability that will underpin their sport-specific development.

An appropriately designed training programme can yield the following benefits:

Senior Athlete Development Programme

As a senior athlete the musculoskeletal maturity is more advanced so the focus on sports development can shift towards a more intensive programme and heavier lifting challenges in order to push forwards strength, power, and endurance development appropriate for your specific sport.

Appropriate goals and targets are set and continual testing, recording, and charting of outcome measures ensures that expected results are being achieved. Monitoring of weight, diet, heart-rate, and autonomic status are all important. 

Mature Athlete Development Programme

Certain realities have to be faced, things change as you get older! Metabolism slows down, it becomes harder to produce and maintain lean muscle mass and recovery from exercise sessions takes longer. That said, with some intelligent programming and smart programme design, it is entirely possible to continue to develop and achieve new goals and improve performance.

Ready to start training smarter, not harder?

Introducing our online BodyScan. The missing piece that will help you unlock all of your training and fitness goals.