Athlete Performance Development


Unlock your hidden potential and achieve the goals you’ve been striving for. You will be coached through a tailored programme that will allow you to tap into your strengths and address what’s holding you back. Each person, each body is different. Whether you are a junior or senior athlete we know how to work with you to identify your weak points and guide you to your best performance ever. You access;

  • Movement screening and analysis
  • Core and strength work
  • Nutritional advice
  • Mindset coaching

We are used to developing programmes that complement your training on the track, in the pool or on your bike. We listen carefully to what you need and create targeted input that will not only raise your game but you will find renewed motivation and start to love your gym time!

We have been training athletes, drivers and dancers for over 20 years and we have a unique approach to achieving optimal gains and function. Like any structure, an athletic body requires great foundations. All too often these foundations are overlooked in sports training environments or by individuals either because there is not time or because there is not the expertise or guidance available.


We can support your athletic development whatever your sport and wherever you are on your competitive or career journey. All 1:1 programmes include elements of our BodyScan movement screening in order to identify areas of restriction or dysfunction which may inhibit progress or be implicated in injury. We call this ‘Weak Point Identification’. Following on, your programme incorporates your corrective strategies to address these issues as it moves you through your athletic development appropriate to your performance goals.


Our unique approach allows us to continually re/assess your movement form and functionality. This ensures that your development re-establishes a natural balance in your body: removing restrictions and weaknesses that can cause pain whilst achieving better fitness and improved athletic gains. This crucial step is critical to our systematic approach and is what makes our product stand apart. By bringing many years of experience of working with professional athletes and getting them to focus on movement quality rather than just sets and reps, we are able to unlock your true physical potential and avoid the pitfalls of  ‘off the shelf’ packages. One size does NOT fit all! 



Junior Athletic Development Programme

Many people are cautious regarding the physical training of younger athletes, and rightly so. The immature musculoskeletal system requires a specific awareness of appropriate and safe exercises that will stimulate and strengthen a young body without exposing it to inappropriate stresses and strains.


Kramer and Fleck (2005) state in their book Strength Training for Young Athletes (2nd Edn.), “As we learn more about strength training for children, the benefits appear to increase every year”.


Our Junior Athletic Development programmes focus on building excellent foundations of trunk stability and strength and progress into the integration of limb strength and power to produce a mobile, stable and strong junior athlete or sportsperson who can demonstrate an excellent all-round basic functional ability that will underpin their sport-specific development. We offer initial 6-week training packages to introduce our approach. You can do this online or in our Plymouth movement centre. 


An appropriately designed training programme can yield the following benefits AT ANY AGE:

Senior Athletes Development Programme

As a senior athlete (aged 18+) the musculoskeletal maturity is more advanced so the focus on sports development can shift towards a more intensive programme and heavier lifting challenges in order to push forwards strength, power, and endurance development appropriate for your specific sport. Appropriate goals and targets are set and continual testing, recording, and charting of outcome measures ensures that expected results are being achieved. Monitoring of weight, diet, heart-rate and autonomic status are all important. We offer initial 6-week training packages to introduce our approach.


Mature Athletes Development Programme

Certain realities have to be faced, things change as you get older! Metabolism slows down, it becomes harder to produce and maintain lean muscle mass and recovery from exercise sessions takes longer. That said, with some intelligent programming and smart programme design, it is entirely possible to continue to develop and achieve new goals and improve performance. BOOK IN WITH US FOR AN INTIAL CONSULTATION TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS. 


Contact us now to talk about how we can work together to create a programme that will transform how you train.


You can book to attend our facility in Plymouth training between 1 & 4 times a week depending on your goals and budget.
NEW***You can train with us online receiving monthly / weekly programmes and checking in via Zoom.


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Some of the athletes we have trained;

Ruta Meilutyte

An Olympic Gold Medalist and world record holder. Ruta is the current world record holder in the 50m and 100m breaststroke (long course). At the age of 17 she was also the first and the only swimmer in history to win all possible swimming titles in all age groups.

Laura Stephens

Laura made her Olympic debut in Tokyo 2021 adding to her World Championship, European and Commonwealth appearances for GB. 

Ben Proud

Ben currently holds two British records, as well as being the Commonwealth Champion in the 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle events. He is a remarkably new face to have risen so quickly, and he is expected to achieve many more great feats in the swimming world.

Sam Dailley

In December 2014 Sam destroyed the national age group mark in the boys short course 50 butterfly posting a time of 26.43; lowering the previous record by almost a full second. At the British Gas Age Group Championships Dailley broke both the 50 and 100 butterfly age group records.

Tamir Cohen

Tamir won the Israeli nationals in the 50m, 100m and 200m fly and broke the national record on the 4 x 200 Well done Tamir!

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