movement screening to enhance performance

The crucial mistake that 99% of gyms make!

So you join a gym full of good intentions to get fit and toned. You might even have signed up for personal coaching to keep you on track and help you hit those targets.

But something big is missing here and if you don’t sort it, you’re more likely to end up causing problems and injury rather than the health benefits you seek.

This one crucial step is totally missing from pretty much all gym programs but it’s the very first step that all professional sports clubs and elite athletes complete before starting any training program.

In the private and commercial settings, it’s hardly mentioned, it’s the elephant in the room. And the main reason it’s overlooked is that gym coaches and personal trainers just don’t know how to do this most crucial first step. It’s not part of their training.

What is this crucial step?

It’s called screening. Or  ‘kinetic screening’ as full screening for athletes often includes medical checks such as blood tests and heart function too.

Is it important?

It’s important enough that it forms the bedrock of all professional athletic training in any sport. In over 20 years of working with professional sports clubs and Olympic athletes, we have screened every single one of them before embarking on a successful performance development program. It’s essential!

What is Kinetic Screening?

Kinetic screening uncovers any areas of restricted movement, specific weaknesses of certain key muscle groups, and instability in joints.

How does Kinetic Screening help?

As an example – imagine that you are using deadlifts to strengthen and develop your back and glutes. If you have an instability at a particular spinal vertebral level, that area is going to be prone to fail under heavy loading and will limit your progress or worse, cause major injury. If you pick up the localised instability beforehand you can complete a ‘weak point’ training program designed to fix the issue before you start the heavy loading program, or build it into the lifting program. Resulting in strength progress without injury!

So it’s really important then?

Embarking on any training program without completing a movement screening ‘MOT’ and fixing your weak points and restrictions is very likely to make these issues worse not better. If you already have an imbalance, your gym training is going to increase this imbalance and lead to injury and pain unless you know how to fix the issue and build it into the training.

How can I get screened?

Movement screening takes place by you attending a specialist physio or elite sports centre and you can do your BodyScan Screening at our Gym or with us online.

You can attend in person at our Plymouth base where we will guide you through the testing, provide you with a full report and in a second session take you through your Fix-it plan.

PhysioConditioning has developed an online movement screening package which you can complete at home by filming yourself going through the specific movement patterns demonstrated on the videos and then uploading them for movement analysis. You will receive a comprehensive digital report which explains to you the weak point areas identified and also includes a bespoke ‘weak point’ training package for you to follow and fix the issues.

For a limited time, PhysioConditioning is offering this elite athletic BodyScan package ONLINE at a reduced rate of £99.

Included in the package is:

  • Professionally produced demonstration station videos of all screening test movements for you to follow.
  • Written instructions describing the details of the process to guide you through the steps.
  • Full colour detailed written report, including screenshots of your video, clearly identifying any movement issues uncovered so you can clearly see for yourself where problems are.
  • A bespoke corrective package including demo videos and written instructions to teach you how to fix your issues.
  • Online 1:1 support (email or Zoom) also available additionally to ensure you are clear about how to do your correctives and to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to start training smarter, not harder?

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