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It's time to train smarter, not harder

Have you been working your butt off in the gym and hit a plateau?

You have probably been following your training programme and diet plan to the letter, right? But still you aren’t seeing the results you want (or deserve).

You are not alone and it’s not your fault.


You just don’t have access to the information about your individual body to be able to know WHAT or HOW you should be training for the results you need. The chances are you are training hard in all of the wrong areas.

Whether you want to improve your marathon running time or lose some weight the starting point is always the same, start with BodyScan to get real results. 

What is BodyScan and why do I need it?

Movement screening is a critical step in achieving your health and fitness goals. Imagine a world where you look and feel amazing, you are hitting all of your fitness goals and yet you are actually spending LESS time busting out reps and sweating in the gym.

This doesn’t have to be a dream.

Unlike any other training programmes you have tried before the focus here is on your movement quality rather than just sets and reps. THIS is the first step to unlocking your true physical potential and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘off the shelf’ packages.

How Does BodyScan Do That?

**re-establishing a natural balance in your body**

**removing restrictions and weaknesses that can cause pain**

 **achieving better fitness and athletic gains**

Our BodyScan draws from our years of experience of working with professional athletes. Start your journey here to reach your fitness goals and unlock your true potential. 

BodyScan is the key to training SMARTER not harder. 

Are you ready to improve your performance?

Hi, I'm Paris Payne your instructor

10 years into my professional dance career I landed badly during a rehearsal and tore a ligament in my knee which needed surgery.

Unsatisfied with the post surgery physiotherapy offered and refusing to believe the advice that I would not dance professionally again, I instead drew on all of my previous knowledge and experience and I created my own rehab program and was able to return to dance in record time.

This experience made me question EVERYTHING. So in 2002 I qualified as a Physiotherapist determined to do things differently.

I went on to work in the NHS, military and in professional sport, including with Olympic and World Champion athletes, English Institute of Sport and as a Head Physio in Premiership rugby.

Over the years working with everyone from post surgical patients to elite athletes I came to realise that most of the injuries I was seeing were because of underlying faults with basic movement patterns.

Because here’s the thing. Nothing will work properly for you until you spend time on fixing your underlying movement issues.

Our movement work including our BodyScan and coaching programmes grew out of my frustration of seeing and hearing the same things from people day in day out and wanting to help as many people, like you, achieve their fitness goals.

You have my attention, now tell me more...

BodyScan is an assessment of your foundation patterns of movement. With this assessment and the descriptive analysis you will receive from us you will get new insights into your training needs. Your detailed report can then form the basis of your ongoing training and finally you can get the results you deserve. 

Back to Basics

We are born with foundational patterns of movement pre-programmed (extend, squat, balance etc). But as we go through life we develop more complex patterns on top of these basic ones.

Unfortunately along the way many external influences can mess up these patterns.

For most people the issues come from sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, being in a car accident, or having surgery. All of these things can take us away from our structural balance.

Our BodyScan will identify which of your original patterns are compromised and then tell you how you can fix them. 

This is how our BodyScan can help you

Static Structural Assessment

We will review your static alignment. This will give us a snapshot of how external influences (e.g. habit, injury, surgery) may have influenced or undermined your underlying structural integrity, dragging your body out of balance, causing dysfunction and pain.  

functional movement assessment

This will assess your dynamic movement capability by guiding you through a series of specific tasks which will highlight where your original patterns may be compromised in our 3 key pillars of Mobility, Stability and Strength. 

Screening Analysis

Once a detailed analysis of your screen has been processed, you will receive a comprehnsive written report including images of our findings and conclusions. 

We identify any ‘weak points’ that you can then focus on, correct and strengthen, to improve your performance. 

Understand & 'Fix-It'

Specific targeted self-correctives including tutorial videos to follow. These simple steps will begin to address your ‘weak points’ and re-boot your original structural balance and symmetry. If you commit to these fixes you should see improvements within 2-3 weeks or even sooner. 

Our descriptive analysis in your detailed report can form the basis of your ongoing training.

Okay I'm convinced, but how does this work?

Glad you asked, our BodyScan will allow you to understand your habitual movement patterns and how they have affected your natural movement capacity.

Step 1 – You complete your initial movement screening online or with us in our studio.

Step 2 – We will create a detailed report for you including comparative photos and analysis of your BodyScan results. 

Step 3 – Once you have received your report, you will know where your weak points are. You will receive your Fix-it programme to work through yourself or we can guide you through your report results in a further online consultation. If you attended our studio for your BodyScan your  follow-up Fix-it session is included in the package. 

How do I do the movement screen?

You have two options:

Option 1 – You can book to come into our studio in Plymouth.

Option 2 – You can choose to do the movement screening 100% online. Once we have received your payment you will be guided through the movements by our easy to follow instructional video. You will need to film yourself and upload this for us to assess.

Who is BODYSCAN For?

That's a great question, let me break it down for you...

BodyScan is suitable for people from all walks of life and experiences.

We have worked with; runners, sailors, swimmers, dancers, gymnasts, military personnel, professional sportspeople and Olympic athletes.

BUT you don’t have to be a professional athlete to train with us!

Our BodyScan movement screening, personal training and movement coaching sessions are for anyone looking for an inspiring and effective way to get fitter, move better and stay injury free.

BodyScan is for you if;

  • You  want to understand your strengths and limitations in order to train smarter
  • Your training has plateaued and you want to unlock new gains
  • You can’t seem to get rid of your niggle or persistent injury and you want to know why
  • You want to avoid injury and address fundamental mobility issues
  • You want some clear and measurable markers so you can track your training progress

Choose your assessment

In Person Assessment

£ 150
  • Initial assessment at our facility in Plymouth
  • Detailed written report
  • Follow up assessments at our facility in Plymouth

Online Only Assessment

£ 99
  • Initial assessment using an instructional video
  • Detailed written report
  • Follow up assessments by video

Our Guarantee

We are confident that our BodyScan programme will support you to develop a better understanding of your body, how you move, and what’s possible. Our holistic methodology, from our BodyScan to bespoke high-performance training programmes, goal setting, and mindset strategies can enable you to increase your physical performance whatever your sport or goal.

We are proud of our inclusive and accessible approach to supporting you to move better, for life. If you are new to our approach please be assured that our work is informed by over 20 years of movement practice and research and by our work in professional sports, premiership rugby, rehabilitation (and clinical physiotherapy) and movement practices including martial arts and contemporary dance. 

What exactly are we screening you for?

In our BodyScan we take you through a series of movements that tell us about how close you are to your true movement foundations. These foundations are informed by;

  • Early childhood proximal joint and trunk control. In clinical medicine these are called neuromuscular developmental milestones. We all did them as infants but can lose them as adults.
  • Evolutionary form and function. This means that over 1.5 million years of hominid evolution our bodies have changed in order to be able to do certain movement patterns essential for survival.

This is your ancestral physical inheritance.

We are designed to move in certain ways in order to live well and have strong, flexible, mobile bodies that last a lifetime. But western contemporary living undermines all that. Sustained bad posture at school or work with additional hours of sitting watching TV, computer games and driving all add up to long term abuse of our wonderful spines. Even when we do move, its often only to endlessly repeat the same monotonous patterns, walking, running, swimming, cycling. Setting up imbalances and degeneration of joints and tissues. Even with elite athletes, most of the injuries they suffer are due to repeating the same movements over and over and over!

Why is movement screening important?

Our BodyScan movement screen is an important step on your way to re-establishing a natural balance in your body

Our unique BodyScan is the best starting point for any successful training programme.  Detailed postural assessment and dynamic functional movement analysis can transform the way you train. This will help you to understand your movement form and functionality and identify what needs your attention to improve your performance.

BodyScan is an important step on your way to re-establishing a natural balance in your body: dealing with restrictions and weaknesses that can cause pain whilst achieving better fitness and improved athletic gains.

This step is critical to our systematic approach to your training and is what makes our work stand apart. Informed by years of experience of working with professional athletes, focusing on movement quality rather than just sets and reps, we are able to help you unlock your true physical potential and avoid the pitfalls of following ‘off the shelf’ packages.

BodyScan gives you new insights into your movement technique and habits. It identifies any ‘weak points’ that you can then focus on, correct and strengthen, to improve your performance. By addressing your weak points you will make it easier to reach your fitness and training goals and stay injury free. This ‘weak point identification’ is the key to training smarter rather than harder. It’s the way elite athletes train and it can work for all of us.

Do you still have questions?

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Ready to start training smarter, not harder?

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