Have you ever wondered why elite athletes such as tennis stars, premiership footballers and rugby players seem to recover so quickly from injury? And why some of us seem to take so long to recover, make slow or even no progress? Do they have access to secret treatments, magic potions or super expensive machines that go ‘ping’ that only they are allowed to use? I will tell you why in a minute, but first, a little backstory.

Whilst I am a qualified Physiotherapist, Strength Coach and Functional Movement Coach, personally, I draw a great deal upon my prior experience of movement techniques such as Feldenkraise, Pilates, Alexander and others, which formed a core part of my training as a professional contemporary dancer.

I have more than 30 years of experience with; human bodies, movement concepts, performance and injury.

For many years, alongside my work with elite athletes, I have seen private clients. Often these guys would rock up at my clinic having been seeing a local therapist for quite a while, maybe once a week, a bit of Ultrasound, tape and rubbing with no real improvement and an ineffective off-the-shelf ‘rehab’ plan. I didn’t need to make them feel any more frustrated and depressed by telling them that they had just been wasting time and money, they had already figured that out. Instead, I told them it was all going to be okay, they just needed to do things properly, like the Pro’s do!

Our success in working with top-level elite athletes has re-affirmed the validity of our system and its applicability to everyone.

How does it work? Well, here’s the secret to why the elite guys recover fast:

Screening – spots injury potential before it happens and corrects faults. So when injury happens, (and it does, even to the best), there is a better underlying structure upon which to recover. So repair is quicker and it lasts!

Effective, rapid treatment – stuff that really works. Getting it right for that individual, not off-the- shelf. You need to re-test and see if you have made a difference immediately. No smoke and mirrors. No extended block bookings for treatment required.

Daily treatment and exercise coaching – Clear goals and progressions. No ‘give it a few weeks and we will see…’, no Pro athlete or head coach would accept that.

But I can’t afford to get daily treatment and exercise coaching!

That’s okay.
Our emphasis is on sharing with you the secrets to treating and coaching yourself. We train you to become your own physio/coach and equip you with the skills and techniques to fix and develop yourself. Here’s how our system works:

Stage 1 – Initial Consultation

A) ‘Help, I’m in pain’ – Thorough assessment and treatment to get rid of the pain. We treat you in clinic and show you how to treat yourself at home to keep your pain away.

B) ‘My discomfort is mild but I know I have issues and I need to sort things out’ – You’re ready for our BodyScan movement screen.

C) ‘I’m a keen athlete and I want to stay injury free and optimise my performance’ – You’re ready for our BodyScan movement screen.



This is our starting point is an assessment of your foundation patterns of movement. In medical terms these patterns are known as ‘Neurodevelopmental Milestones’. Basically, these are the foundational patterns of movement that you arrive pre-programmed with at birth (extend, roll, squat, step etc) as you go through your early childhood, you develop more complex patterns on top of these basic ones. However, external influences (e.g. sitting, injury, surgery) can distort and undermine these original patterns and drag your body way out of structural balance, causing dysfunction and pain. Our BodyScan will identify which of your Original patterns you’re struggling with and provides you with a full colour detailed report including photos and descriptive analysis.

Stage 2 – ‘Fix-it’ Programme

You will be coached through your specific corrective programme to follow. These simple steps will begin to unlock your movement potential by re-booting your original structural balance and symmetry. Clear goals and a 3-4 week time frame should see early improvements.

Stage 3 – ‘Foundations’

After your corrective programme homework, you should re-attend for follow-up. Your commitment and dedication to your homework should now have presented you with early improvements in your physical function. It’s now time to begin to look at developing strength and greater control in your weak areas. Your Foundation programme is very specific to your needs as an individual. Not just about what your body needs from an exercise perspective but we also include coaching on Diet (inflammation, immunity, performance gains), Mindset (competition prep, stress and performance, thought stopping, motivation) and Sleep (effectiveness, preparation, environment) and other relevant topics. You can book for our 6 week intensive ‘Foundations’ development course or choose to come in once a month for progress review and top-up, or attend our weekly group classes, whatever fits your budget and goals. Either way, our emphasis is on supporting you, coaching you and teaching you how to be the boss of your daily progress and training goals.

‘Advanced Programmes’

Advanced programmes are generally for our senior and junior elite athletes looking at sport specific performance gains. But they are open to anyone with the desire and commitment to push further. I look after a broad range of clients, from Olympic medalists and GB record holders to weekend warriors. From pro-athletes to the ‘joe-public’; guys who just want to train a couple of times a week without their hip, back or knee hurting or they want to get stronger and fitter in a smart way.

How far do you want to go?

Sounds too good to be true? Check out the testimonials, I’ve got a pretty good track record and lots of happy clients.
Best wishes, Paris.

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