Whether you are an established athlete or coming to training for the first time, movement coaching can help you to (re)discover the freedom and flow in your movement that you were born with. We will explore and improve your foundational movements to help you move more easily and discover where things are not working at their best: possibly causing pain, restriction or limiting performance. 

These 1:1 sessions will help you unlock your natural movement potential and re-establish a balanced flow between mobility, flexibility and dynamics using body weight and calisthenic principles.

Our movement coaching sessions include mobility work inspired by primitive patterns such as; crawling/rolling/squatting, animal traverses and dynamic explorations eg;  pushing, pulling, reaching, spiralling and leverage. The sessions support you towards a deeper understanding of how your body movements are holistically integrated. This can enable to you to move with greater ease and range and provide sound foundations for building strength and performance depending on your goals. 

You could be an athlete looking to make some positive shifts in your performance, a dancer trying to shake ongoing niggles or a gardener trying to alleviate some habitual postural discomfort. Movement coaching enables greater flow and deeper understanding of the body whatever your context.

We draw on our experience in professional sports coaching, dance, martial arts and primitive movement training to respond to your specific situation.