‘Born2Move’ – Movement Screen

Our starting point is an assessment of your foundation patterns of movement. In medical terms these patterns are known as ‘Neurodevelopmental Milestones’. Basically, these are the foundational patterns of movement that you arrive pre-programmed with at birth (Extend, Roll, Squat, Step etc) as you go through your early childhood, you develop more complex patterns on top of these basic ones. However, external influences (e.g. sitting, injury, surgery) can distort and undermine these Original patterns and drag your body way out of structural balance, causing dysfunction and pain. Our screen will identify which of your Original patterns your struggling with and provides you with a full colour detailed report including photos and descriptive analysis.

Screening can also include options:

  • BodPod analysis – lab report on body composition. Percentage of body fat and muscle.
  • DNA analysis – lab report on presence of common markers for health disorders.
  • Blood analysis – lab report on common markers for health