I have been involved with training elite athletes / dancers etc for over 2 decades and have picked up a few tips for achieving optimal gains and function. Like any structure, an athletic body requires great foundations. all too often, these foundations are overlooked in sports training environments or by individuals lacking appropriate input and guidance. Your starting point should always be with screening. If you fail to identify your restrictions or ‘weak points’ they may well get worse over time, compounded by further training, and this can spell disaster.
Our ‘Born to Move’ and ‘Born to Swim’ screening systems see athletes through some basic primary movement patterns and test how well they can do them. This system clearly identifies restrictions and limitations which could be causing injury or limiting potential.
Here are just a few of the elite athletes I currently train:

Ruta Meilutyte

An Olympic Gold Medalist and world record holder. Ruta is the current world record holder in the 50m and 100m breaststroke (long course). At the age of 17 she is also the first and the only swimmer in history to win all possible swimming titles in all age groups.

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Ben Proud

Ben currently holds two British records, as well as being the Commonwealth Champion in the 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle events. He is a remarkably new face to have risen so quickly, and he is expected to achieve many more great feats in the swimming world.

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Sam Dailley

In December 2014 Sam destroyed the national age group mark in the boys short course 50 butterfly posting a time of 26.43; lowering the previous record by almost a full second. At the British Gas Age Group Championships Dailley broke both the 50 and 100 butterfly age group records.

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Tamir Cohen

More great FSH swimming this summer by Tamir who won the Israeli nationals in the 50m, 100m and 200m fly and broke the national record on the 4 x 200fc Well done Tamir!

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