Our physio, personal training and rehabilitation charges are based on our experience and proven track record of helping our clients get over injury and improve their performance. If, after assessment it is recommended you have a programme of treatment then a discounted rate may be applied for this course of treatment.


  • We can thoroughly assess you, treat you, train you in our gym and teach you your home programme effectively in 1hr.

Movement Screening

  • The screen session is an hour long and includes a detailed static postural assessment, dynamic Functional Movement Assessment and specific clinical testing and measurement. You receive a full colour written report with images and detailed analysis followed by a second session to address the screen results. NEW FOR JULY 2020 ONLINE SCREEN £99 TO SUPPORT YOU AS YOU COME OUT OF LOCKDOWN.

Personal Training/Coaching

  • Sessions specifically tailored to your individual needs over an agreed timescale. We usually start with a trial session followed by a block of 6 sessions. You will be taken through your programme in our specialist gym and taught a supporting home programme which you will follow in order to achieve your goals.


  • Cutting edge fast track rehabilitation programmes tailored to your specific needs and budget, following surgery or injury.