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Paris on TV BBC Spotlight

Take a look at the film with Paris on TV BBC Spotlight feature episode on Paris and the medical team supporting Plymouth Albion Rugby Club. Paris talks about the players and modern day rugby as the footage takes the team from pre-match treatment through the game and follow-up care. And if you are wondering about [...]

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Functional Training Plymouth

What is Functional Training and why is it important? Paris talks about how Functional Training is not a new concept - it is the basis of all health and fitness. This clip provides an insight into what you would undergo with functional training Plymouth at Physio Conditioning.

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Rotary Stability Exercises

Often overlooked as part of a strength training program, rotary stability exercises are a key component of all fundamental movements. The ability to stabilise the trunk in both sagittal and rotary planes of movement is essential to good spinal health and effective limb movement. It's no good being able to do a plank push-up if [...]

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Tight Quads Treatment

The modified 'Thomas Test' gives a good indication of excessive tightness in the quadriceps muscle group and also the illiotibial band. Both of these structures can lead to knee pain if they cause an increase in the pressure of the patella on the articular surface of the femur. Myofascial release (eg: foam rolling) and specific [...]

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Tensegrity with Paris Payne

Click image to view a video on Tensegrity Tensegrity with Paris Payne - a great word! It's used to describe the way that the intrinsic tension of a structure creates its form. The childs toy that I am holding in the picture gets its symmetry and form from the balanced tension of the [...]

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TRX Video

Introductory video on TRX Coming soon to PhysioConditioning is a regular blog from Paris Payne covering a range of topics on physiotherapy, functional movement and sports injury. This Weekly Wisdom will look at current topics, new techniques and offer expertise on the areas you need to be thinking about and working on for [...]

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